Accounting Practice Firm : CO-OP Job Training Program

You want to become an accountant in Canada, but you don't have working experience in North America as an accounting student, a recent graduate or a new immigrant. We can help you  break the barriers.

We provides accounting job training and CO-OP program as a well-established accounting practice firm in Great Toronto Areas. Lots of college/university graduates and newcomers have benefited from our accounting job training program, become professional accountants in Canada in short time.

Accounting Job Training and CO-OP Program QuickBooks

This well-received Accounting pre-employment and Canadian working experiences program has helped many accounting students, new graduates and newcomers with accounting background to gain Canadian accounting working experiences. Excel

With intensive and hands-on teaching and mentoring, you will learn how to  apply your accounting knowledge and computerized accounting skills to real accounting cases in full-cycle. Not only will you master the popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, CaseWare, Excel,Simply Accounting CanTax, etc, you will also get familiar with the entire accounting processes in real world and practice the real accounting cases for different industries. 

You will significantly increase your opportunities of job interviews, and become very confident with the interview. The working experiences that you will gain through this program are very crucial for your first job hunting.

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Personal Tax (T1) & Corporation Tax(T2)Training  

Canada's complex, multi-layered and continuously changing legislativeCanTax environment presents a significant tax challenge to even experienced seasonal accountants. Tax accountants become specialized profession in many private/public companies and accounting firms. Most of accounting students in Canada who have learned taxation in school had trouble to deal with taxation in real world; This systematic taxation training will teach you to handle personal and corporation taxation with CCH CanTax software. The experiences that you will gain are definitely a very import asset for you to get your foot in the door of enterprises, government and accounting firms. (Note: this training is included in our Accounting CO-OP Program).

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