Accounting Job Training and CO-OP Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Accounting Firm provides pre-employment and Canadian working experience  training programs for would-be accountants in Canada. Lots of accounting students, new graduates and newcomers have gone through our programs and found their first accounting job in Canada or U.S., become well-respected accountants within a short period.  

Why should I participate in your Accounting COOP Program?

Most of new graduates and newcomers experience difficulty in searching for their first job in Canada, especially in professional careers such as accounting and finance. That is because almost all employers are looking for candidates with existing Canadian working experiences.

Without Canadian working experiences, your resumes will be ignored by job agents and Hiring managers. Or even though you are able to land the interview opportunities, your lack of Canadian working experiences will not give you the confidence and capability to answer the technical and practical questions from interviewees, so your chance to pass the interview is compromised. After all, you need help to fill the gap between what you learned in school and what are needed in real working environments.

No available job references of existing working experiences are another major issue that new immigrants and new graduates encountered in their job hunting.

Our accounting job training and COOP program is well-designed for new accounting graduates in Canada, or new immigrants with previous accounting background in other countries. It will help you overcome four major barriers you are facing in job searching: resumes, interview opportunities, technical and practical Accounting skills, and job reference, in order to land you first accounting job in Canada within a short time period.

Who need to participate in Accounting CO-OP training program?

We have students from different backgrounds and coming for different purpose such as:

  • The new graduates looking to gain working experience in accounting field.
  • The new immigrants from other countries, looking to put that valuable Canadian work experience on their resume and get job reference.
  • The accounting or related college/university students expecting to accumulate their working experiences before graduation, or looking for part-time job to support their study.
  • The individuals changing careers to accounting due to shifts within the labour market.
  • The  mothers who have been away from the work place looking after her child, want to learn latest accounting software and refresh their confidence to regain a accounting job.

What is practice firm and what is the difference between you and other practice firms?

Practice firms were first introduced in Europe to help the newcomers,  new graduates,and career changers to gain virtual employment opportunity, in order to help them enter the job market. Most of practice firms are virtual companies, which means the practice firms are not producing real products and providing real services to the customers. The participants in practice firms are virtually employed, so they can learn by doing and get job reference for their job hunting. Some of practice firms are funded by government or other non-profit organizations.

We are the real accounting firms, not funded by other sources. In addition to teach and mentor CO-OP students, our accountants also provides accounting services to our clients. Not like other practice firms that provide various virtual positions, our job training programs are focused on accounting profession instead, and we  offer enhanced and intensive accounting work training, which is more effective and enriched for job hunters in accounting field.

By participating in our CO-OP program,  not only will you receive the benefits as in other practice firms such as the virtual employment and co-op opportunities, you will also obtain intensive hands-on training in real accounting working cases and processes, and deep accounting software skills, thus to boost your confidence and capability in accounting job interviews. Our students received extensive praise and appreciation from the employers due to their proficient accounting skills and hands-on experiences.

What will I gain by participating in Accounting CO-OP Program?

The purpose of accounting coop program is to help you overcome the barriers in searching for your first accounting job. Through our intensive job-ready training program, your will:

  • master the popular accounting software to handle full-cycle accounting tasks and processes.

  • complete all kinds of assignments under the instruction and mentoring. 

  • accumulate the systematic and integrated accounting working experience within a short period, which usually took a very long time to gain without intensive teaching and mentoring.

  • receive guidance and mentoring in job searching from our experienced accountants, such as resume writing with your co-op experiences and interview skills.

  • obtain Canadian working experiences of professional accounting firm, which is crucial for your job hunting.

  • potential hidden job opportunities from ex-trainees, our clients, other accounting firms, businesses, and job agencies.

  • Continuous co-op opportunities of accounting firm.

What kind of jobs can I find after completing this program?

After completing our accounting coop program, you will be able to land any accounting related entry-level or intermediate level jobs such as Tax Assistant, Accounting Clerk,Accountant Assistant, Intermediate Accountant, A/R Accountant, A/P Accountant, Payroll Clerk, etc.

Our students are now working in various industries such as government, banks, TV stations, retail chains, accounting firms, financial institutions, manufacturing, distribution and wholesales, etc.  Many students joined well-respected organizations such as Tim Hortons, Sleeping Country Canada,CIBC, Scotiabank, East Asia Bank,Deloitte, Revenue Canada Agency, Ministry Finance, GE, TVO, etc. Quite a few students entered different size of CA firms. Some earlier students have been promoted to supervisor,Accounting Manager, or Controller.

What is the difference between your co-op program and others?

As accounting firm, our accounting coop training program is quite different with those co-op programs provided by schools:

  • You are going to learn the practical accounting processes and techniques in real working environment of accounting firms, not just basic accounting knowledge and accounting software functionality.
  • The well-designed practicing cases are based on our real client files from different industries covering service industries, manufacturing and restaurant, etc.
  • The systematic and intensive case practices cover full cycle of accounting processes, with different popular accounting software, so that you will gain extensive accounting work experiences within a short period.
  • We offer flexible time schedule with weekend training available, so it can be completed part time, and you can enrol in our accounting coop program anytime for your convenience.
  • The purpose of our accounting co-op program is not to have you work for us. Instead, our experienced and certified accountants will teach and mentor you with real world's cases.They will also teach you the working knowledge  that you won't be able learn in school. This alone will give you the confidence to deal with tough interview.
  • You will be provided the working experiences of accounting firm for your job searching.


What are the benefits of full-cycle accounting practices?

The key factor that differentiates us with other practice firms is that you will learn and practice real full-cycle accounting cases for different industries intensively. The benefits of deep and extensive practices of real accounting cases for job hunting are obvious:

  • You will be able to pursue more job opportunities in terms of  job titles, job descriptions and industry experiences.
  • You can enrich your resume with extensive experiences and software skills which will impress the employers.
  • You can never predict what kind of questions the interviewers will ask during the interview session. However, you will be more prepared and confident with full cycle accounting experiences for different industry experiences.
  • You will have deep and cross-field understanding of accounting processes which will give you the edge in your accounting work. For example, accounting transaction analysis and journal entry will be more meaningful to you if you have experiences in financial report, taxation and payroll.
  • This will help you advance your career in accounting more quickly.  

What is the admission requirements?logo-caseware

The students are expected to have basic accounting knowledge to enrol in our accounting co-op program. College or university students or graduates in accounting or related majors are preferred. New immigrants with accounting study or working backgrounds are welcome.

What accounting software I will learn?quickbooks

CO-OP students will learn to use following seven  accounting software to deal with full-cycle accounting processes:     cantax logo

  • Excel (Sorting accounting source documents, preparing various working papers) 
  • QuickBooks (Bookkeeping & Financial Reports)
  • Simply Accounting (Bookkeeping & Financial Reports)  simply accounting 150
  • CasWare (Bookkeeping, Financial Reports)
  • CanTax T1 (Personal Taxation)
  • CanTax T2&CT23(Corporation Taxation) excel
  • CRA Payroll Software

How long does the training take? What is the time schedule?

The accounting co-op program will take total 80 in-office training hours. It usually takes one month to completepay-tod. The time schedule can be flexible. You can discuss about your schedule based on your availability and convienance with the accountants.

You don't have to wait for finishing the co-op program to start searching for job. Many our students found their accounting jobs before completing the co-op programs.

How much does the training cost? What is the refund policy?

Please contact us to inquire the price and refund policy information.

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